DVDs on sale

Full two-hours highlights from the 2013 Aviva All-Ireland Schools Track and Field Championships, including all track races, senior boys walk and some field events on a day of records. Highlights programmes from 2012 All-Ireland Schools and 2012 Morton Games also available.

Each DVD costs €12.50 and includes postage. DVDs which are currently available include:

  • All-Ireland Schools 2013 (124-min) All Races in full
  • All-Ireland Schools 2013 (50-min) TV Broadcast
  • All-Ireland Schools 2012 (50-min)
  • Morton Games 2012 (65-min)
  • Morton Games 2013 (50-min)
  • SIAB Schools Athletics International (50-min)
  • International Junior Tour of Ireland cycling (50-min)

Order form here – sportsnet.ie/dvd

One thought on “DVDs on sale

  1. Hi, i am looking to get a copy of the full Siam Warriors Leeside Revolution Muay Thai show that was shown on Setanta Ireland on Thursday 20th March at 22:35. Its the show that was recorded in the Neptune Stadium Cork on 1st march 2014. Martin Horgan was the promoter of the show. The main reason i am asking is because my brother Patrick Douglas(Dublin Thaiboxing) fought that night and his fight was recorded but not shown on the telly. He fought a fella called Jakub Dobais from Slovakia and all that was shown of his fight was 2 kicks as the end credits were rolling. Patricks fight was not recorded by anyone else as we thought it would be shown on the telly so we have no other footage of his fight. I also knew a lot of the other lads that were fighting on the night and their fights were either not shown at all or not shown in full so if its possible to get these fight aswell I would really appreciate it. Hope to hear back from you soon.
    Regards, Michael Douglas.

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