Athlone IT Indoor Grand Prix entries

Number Name Event Status Nationality/Club
600 Luke Smallwood M400m Confirmed GB
601 Brian Murphy M400m Confirmed UCC AC
602 Nigel Levine M400m Confirmed GB
603 Manteo Mitchell M400m Confirmed USA
604 Ben Kiely M400m Confirmed Ferrybank
605 Seb Rodger M400m Confirmed GB
606 Craig Lynch M400m Confirmed Shercock
607 Luke Lennon-Ford M400m Confirmed GB
608 Jarred Dunne M400m TBC GB
609 Jamie Bowie M400m TBC GB
610 Luke Fagan M60m Confirmed GB
611 Aidan Syers M60m Confirmed GB
612 Dwight Thomas M60m Confirmed Jamaica
613 Joseph Ojewumi M60m Confirmed Tallaght
614 Zak Irwin M60m Confirmed Sligo
615 Andre Wright M60m Confirmed GB
616 Tremayne Gilling M60m Confirmed GB
617 Nigel Thomas M60m Confirmed GB
618 Asafa Powell M60m Confirmed Jamaica
619 Harry Adams M60m Confirmed USA
620 Winston Barnes M60m Confirmed Jamaica
621 Eoin Doherty M60m Confirmed Tallaght
622 Stephen Gaffney M60m Confirmed Rathfarnham
623 Craig Lynch M60M Confirmed Shercock
624 Larry O’Reilly M60m Confirmed Tullamore Harriers
625 Eanna Madden M60m Confirmed Carrick on Shannon AC
626 Adam Harris M60m Confirmed Guyana
627 Odhran Byrne Gildea M60m Confirmed North Sligo AC
628 Niall Touhy M800m Confirmed Ferrybank
629 Kristap Valters M800m Confirmed Latvia
630 Anthony Lieghio M800m Confirmed Tallaght AC
631 Eric Sowinski M800m Confirmed USA
632 Declan Murray M800m Confirmed
633 Harry Purcell M800m Confirmed
634 Pauls Arents M800m Confirmed Latvia
635 Karl Griffin M800m Confirmed UCD AC
636 Andrew Heney M-HJ Confirmed AIT / Clonliffe Harriers
637 Mike Edwards M-HJ Confirmed GB
638 Barry Pender M-HJ Confirmed St Abbans
639 Kourosh Foroughi M-HJ Confirmed
640 Mutaz Barshim M-HJ Confirmed Qatar
641 Marmer Barshim M-HJ Confirmed Qatar
642 Nick Ross M-HJ Confirmed USA
643 David Smith M-HJ Confirmed GB
644 Allan Smith M-HJ TBC GB
645 Chris Kandu M-HJ TBC GB
646 Ray Bobrownicki M-HJ TBC GB
647 Eoin Everard M-Mile Confirmed KCH
648 Ciaran O’Lionard M-Mile Confirmed Leevale
649 John Coghlan M-Mile Confirmed MSB
650 Conor Bradley M-Mile Confirmed City of Derry
651 Danny Mooney M-Mile Confirmed Letterkenny
652 Joe Warne M-Mile Confirmed Doheny
653 Ben Blankenship M-Mile Confirmed USA
654 Andreas Bueno M-Mile Confirmed Denmark
655 James O’Hare M-Mile Confirmed Annadale
656 Mark Nouws M-Mile Confirmed Netherlands
657 John Travers M-Mile Confirmed AIT / Donore Harriers
Craughwell AC U13 Boys 4x200m Confirmed
Roscommon AC U13 Boys 4x200m Confirmed
Westport AC U13 Boys 4x200m Confirmed
AIT AC U13 Boys 4x200m Confirmed
Corran AC U13 Boys 4x200m Confirmed
Carrick on Shannon AC U13 Boys 4x200m Confirmed
Craughwell AC U13 Girls 4x200m Confirmed
Roscommon AC U13 Girls 4x200m Confirmed
Athenry AC U13 Girls 4x200m Confirmed
Carrick on Shannon AC U13 Girls 4x200m Confirmed
Castlebar AC U13 Girls 4x200m Confirmed
AIT AC U13 Girls 4x200m Confirmed
658 Kerry O’Flaherty W1500m Confirmed Newcastle & District
659 Laura Crowe W1500m Confirmed An Riocht AC
660 Becky Woods W1500m Confirmed Clonliffe Harriers
661 Deirdre Doyle W1500m Confirmed SLOT AC
662 Maria McCambridge W1500m Confirmed DSD AC
663 Emma Mitchell W1500m Confirmed Banbridge
664 Ellie Hartnett W1500m Confirmed UCD AC
665 Amy O’Donoghue W1500m Confirmed Limerick AC
666 Diana Mezulianikova W1500m Confirmed Czech Republic
667 Gesa Krause W1500m Confirmed Germany
668 Carol Finn W1500m TBC Leevale
669 Niamh Whelan W60m Confirmed Ferrybank
670 Kelly Proper W60m Confirmed Ferrybank
671 Vicki Harris W60m Confirmed AIT / Mullingar Harriers
672 Louise Holmes W60m Confirmed AIT / KCH
673 Tianna Bartoletta W60m Confirmed USA
674 Carmelita Jeter W60m Confirmed USA
675 Tahesia Harrigan W60m Confirmed British Virgin Islands
676 Jessica Young W60m Confirmed USA
677 Aleen Bailey W60m Confirmed Jamaica
678 Sinead Treacy W60m Confirmed Craughwell AC
679 Ashling Forkan W60m Confirmed Swinford AC
680 Sharika Nelvis W60mH Confirmed USA
681 Yvette Lewis W60mH Confirmed Panama
682 Yasmin Miller W60mH Confirmed GB
683 Michaela Broumova W60mH Confirmed Czech Republic
684 Alessandra Feudatari W60mH Confirmed Italy
685 Anna Zekuciova W60mH Confirmed Czech Republic
686 Nadine Visser W60mH TBC Nethderlands
687 Aislinn Crossey W800m Confirmed UCD AC
688 Ciara Everard W800m Confirmed UCD AC
689 Louise Shanahan W800m Confirmed Leevale
690 Noélie Yarigo W800m Confirmed Benin
691 Stina Troest W800m Confirmed Denmark
692 Katy Brown W800m Confirmed GB
693 Carolyn Plateau W800m TBC GB
694 Kelly Proper W-LJ Confirmed Ferrybank
695 Jazmin Sawyers W-LJ Confirmed GB
696 Chantel Malone W-LJ Confirmed British Virgin Islands
697 Abigail Irozuru W-LJ Confirmed GB
698 Sarah Warnock W-LJ Confirmed GB
699 Michaela Broumova W-LJ Confirmed Czech Republic
700 Anna Zekuciova W-LJ Confirmed Czech Republic
701 Jana Veldakova W-LJ Confirmed Slovakia
702 Emily Gerulova W-LJ TBC Czech Republic


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