Irish Schedule for Winter Olympics

Seamus O’Connor
Slope-style competition
6th February: qualification 6am – 12.40pm
8th February competition 5.30am -7.10am and 8.45am-9.55am

Half-pipe competition
11th February 10.00am – 1.05pm and 3.00pm – 4.00pm and 5.30pm – 6.35pm

Sean Greenwood
14th February 12.30pm – 5.40pm
15th February 2.45pm – 5.05pm

Jan Rossiter
Cross Country skiing 15km classic
14th February 10.00am – 11.55am

Florence Bell
Women’s Giant Slalom
18th February 7am-9am and 10.30am- 12.10pm
21st February 12.45pm – 2:00pm and 4.15pm – 5.20pm

Conor Lyne
Men’s Giant Slalom
19 February 7am-9am and 10.30am-12.10pm
22nd February 12.45pm plus 4.15pm – 5.50pm


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