WRU Statement

Welsh Rugby Union Statement

The Welsh Rugby Union is confident that professional teams from Wales will continue to take part in sanctioned league and cup competitions in the best interests of all of Welsh rugby.
The WRU also remains confident that a European rugby cup competition under the management of the ERC will take place next season. Welsh teams will also continue to play in the Pro12 league organised by Celtic Rugby Ltd.
Furthermore the WRU reaffirms its commitment to the International Rugby Board’s regulations which provide that cross-border competitions and tournaments may only take place with the full approval of the relevant unions.
The WRU has received notice that the four Welsh Regional Organisations do not wish to continue with the existing Participation Agreement, as agreed by all parties in 2009, beyond 30 June 2014.  As such the current contractual relationship between the WRU and the four Regional Organisations will end on that date.
It was always the hope of the WRU that the four Regional Organisations would have continued with the Participation Agreement and therefore maintain their contractual right to remain the WRU’s nominated teams in sanctioned competitions.
The Participation Agreement provided a ten year rugby  framework for the professional game in Wales and is an integral part of the rugby pyramid structure in Wales.
The decision of the existing Regional Organisations not to continue with the PA has now freed the WRU to present a new Participation Agreement focused on recognising and rewarding Regions which identify, develop and retain players capable of challenging for international honours with Wales. This is in the best interests of Welsh Rugby.
The governance of rugby in Wales, through the elected Board of the WRU, will continue to remain in the hands of the 320 clubs of the Welsh Rugby Union.
As the governing body of rugby in Wales the WRU will continue to act in the best interests of all of Welsh rugby at all times from the grassroots through to the international game.

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