Irish Schedule for IPC Athletics World Championships

Here is the Irish schedule for the IPC Athletics World Championships that take place in Lyon from July 19th-28th.

All the action will be live online via


Saturday 20 July

3:10pm                 200m T13 Semi-Final                                       Jason Smyth

Sunday 21 July 

8:45am                 Discus F51/52/53 FINAL                                 Catherine O’Neill

8:49am                 Shot Putt F55/56/57 FINAL                           Orla Barry

10:13am               200m T37 Semi-Final                                       Heather Jameson

3:07pm                 800m T37 FINAL                                                Michael McKillop

4:23pm                 200m T13 FINAL                                                Jason Smyth

Monday 22 July               

5:00pm                 200m T37 FINAL                                                Heather Jameson

5:25pm                 100m T51 FINAL                                                John McCarthy

Tuesday 23 July               

10:13am               100m T37 Semi-Final                                       Heather Jameson

Wednesday 24 July

11:00am               100m T13 Semi-Final                                       Jason Smyth

2:30pm                 Club Throw F31/32/51 FINAL                       Catherine O’Neill

4:30pm                 1500m T38 FINAL                                              Michael McKillop

5:39pm                 100m T37 FINAL                                                Heather Jameson

Thursday 25 July

4:10pm                 200m T51 FINAL                                                John McCarthy

6:15pm                 100m T13 FINAL                                                Jason Smyth

Friday 26 July    

10:47am               1500m T12 Semi-Final                                     Amanda Crotty

4:10pm                 Long Jump T37 FINAL                                     Heather Jameson

Saturday 27 July

8:45am                 Discus Throw F57/58 FINAL                          Orla Barry

2:35pm                 Shot Put F52/53 FINAL                                   Deirdre Mongan

2:58pm                 1500m T12 FINAL                                              Amanda Crotty/Kevin Nolan


John McCarthy DUNMANWAY, CO CORK – Paralympics SILVER discus 04, WC BRONZE club 06

Michael McKillop ANTRIM – 3 Paralympics GOLD 800m 08 12 1500m 12, WC GOLD 800m 06 11

Jason Smyth DERRY – 4 Paralympics GOLD 100m+200m 08 12

Orla Barry LADYSBRIDGE, CO CORK – Paralympics BRONZE shot put 12

Amanda Crotty YOUGHAL, CO CORK – 1st major Championships

Kevin Nolan ATHLONE – Guide runner for Amanda Crotty

Heather Jameson DUBLIN – Was youngest in Irish London 2012 squad aged 15

Deirdre Mongan GALWAY – 1st major Championships

Catherine O’Neill NEW ROSS, CO WEXFORD – Paralympics SILVER discus 12, WC GOLD 98 11

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