Setanta Sports Cup Final Facts and Figures


It’s the eighth Setanta Sports Cup Final today, pitting together Shamrock Rovers and Drogheda United in a rematch of last season’s League Cup Final, which the Boynesiders won.

It’s the last decider under the current sponsorship, which is the longest-running in Irish senior football. Organisers are confident of securing a new sponsor – they’ve spoken to a few candidates already – and that it will be business as usual next season.

Some facts and figures ahead of the big game –

Drogheda United are the only club to win the Setanta Sports Cup twice, and will become the first club to play in three finals.

Paul Keegan and Brian Shelley are the only men to have won the Setanta Sports Cup three times – 2006+ 07 for Drogheda 2010 for Bohs.

Pat Sullivan and Shane Robinson for Rovers and Declan “Fabio” O’Brien of Drogheda are all going for a third winners’ medal today – Robinson and O’Brien both won their titles with Drogheda.

Pld in three finals: Paul Keegan (3 wins), Brian Shelley (3 wins), Alan Mannus (2 wins, 1 loss), Dan Murray (2 wins, 1 loss), Jason Byrne (1 win, 2 losses), Stuart Byrne (1 win, 2 losses)

Also involved in three finals, but didn’t play in every one: Glen Fitzpatrick (2 wins, 1 loss – the first three finals), Shane Guthrie (3 lost)

Shane Guthrie is the only man to be involved in three finals, and to have lost every one. No-one has featured in four finals before.

Stuart Byrne and Shane Guthrie are the only men to be involved in three finals, with a different club each time. Byrne: Shels 2005, Drogheda 2007, St Pats 2010; Guthrie: Cork 2006, St Pats 2010, Dundalk 2011.

Dan Murray is the only man to captain two different clubs to Setanta Cup glory – Cork City in 2008, Shamrock Rovers in 2010.

Pat Sullivan was at Drogheda when they won the Setanta Cup in 2006, but missed the final through injury, so this is his third final.

Winners with two clubs: Brian Shelley, Paul Keegan, Dan Murray, Pat Sullivan, Alan Mannus.

Alan Mannus is the only player to have won the Setanta Sports Cup with clubs from both Associations – Linfield in 2005 and Shamrock Rovers in 2011.

Mark Quigley goes into the final on 10 goals, one behind all-time top-scorers Denis Behan and Peter Thompson.

Quigley is the only player to have netted for four different clubs in Setanta Sports Cup history – St Pats, Dundalk, Sligo and Shamrock Rovers.

Three other players have scored for three different clubs – Jason Byrne, Gary O’Neill, Thomas Stewart.

Cork City are all-time leading scorers on 59 goals, followed by Linfield on 53, Glentoran 42, Derry City 41, Drogheda 40.

Glentoran have conceded most Setanta Sports Cup goals all-time, letting in 67. Next are Portadown 53, Linfield 51, Cliftonville 39, Dungannon 37.

Out of 28 all-time semi-finalists, only six have come from the Irish League. It’s the fourth all-LOI final.

LOI clubs have won five Setanta Sports Cups, IFA clubs have come out on top twice – Linfield in 2005, Crusaders 2012.

Three finals have gone to extra-time – 2006 Shels v Cork, 2007 Linfield v Drogheda, 2012 Crusaders v Derry – the last two going to penalties.

Four players have been sent-off in Setanta Sports Cup finals – Jason Byrne and Alan Moore (both Shelbourne) v Linfield in 2005; Danny Murphy (Cork City) v Drogheda United in 2006; Stephen McBride (Crusaders) v Derry City 2012.


2005 Linfield 2-0 Shelbourne Tolka Park
2006 Drogheda United 1-0 Cork City Tolka Park
2007 Drogheda United 1-1 Linfield (pens 4-3) Windsor Park
2008 Cork City 2-1 Glentoran Turner’s Cross
2010 Bohemians 1-0 St Patrick’s Athletic Tallaght Stadium
2011 Shamrock Rovers 2-0 Dundalk Tallaght Stadium
2012 Crusaders 2-2 Derry City (pens 5-4) The Oval

All-time leading scorers – 

11 Peter Thompson Linfield
11 Denis Behan Cork City
10 Mark Quigley St. Patrick’s Ath/Dundalk/Sligo/ShamR
8 Paul McAreavey Linfield
8 Rory Patterson Coleraine/Derry City
7 Jason Byrne Shelbourne/Bohemians/Dundalk
7 Gary O’Neill St. Pats/Shamrock Rovers/Drogheda
6 Darren Boyce Glentoran/Coleraine
6 Mark Farren Derry City
6 Michael Halliday Glentoran/Crusaders
6 George McMullan Cliftonville
6 Eamon Zayed Drogheda United
6 Thomas Stewart Linfield/Derry City/Shamrock Rovers
5 Alan Kirby St. Patrick’s Athletic
5 George O’Callaghan Cork City
5 Roy O’Donovan Cork City
5 John O’Flynn Cork City
5 Ciaran Kilduff Shamrock Rovers
5 Billy Dennehy Shamrock Rovers
4 Colin Nixon Glentoran
4 Tony Grant Drogheda United
4 Gary Hamilton Portadown/Glentoran
4 Mark Holland Cliftonville
4 Daniel Kearns Dundalk
4 Declan O’Brien Drogheda United
4 Raffaele Cretaro Sligo Rovers
4 Daryl Horgan Sligo Rovers /Cork City
4 Daryl Kavanagh Cork City

Scorers this season –

Daryl Kavanagh Cork City 4
Ciaran Kilduff Shamrock Rovers 3
Lee Lynch Sligo Rovers 3
Daryl Horgan Cork City 3
Ian Turner Cork City 2
Paul O’Conor Drogheda United 2
Gavin Brennan Drogheda United 2
Ryan Brennan Drogheda United 2
Tommy Stewart Shamrock Rovers 2
David Cassidy Drogheda United 2
Stephen Rice Shamrock Rovers 2
Billy Dennehy Shamrock Rovers 2
Liam Boyce Cliftonville 1
Stephen Garrett Cliftonville 1
David Scullion Coleraine 1
Gearóid Morrissey Cork City 1
Danny Furlong Cork City 1
Danny Morrissey Cork City 1
Paul Heatley Crusaders 1
Rory Patterson Derry City 1
Michael Rafter Derry City 1
Alan Byrne Drogheda United 1
Philip Hand Drogheda United 1
Derek Prendergast Drogheda United 1
Declan “Fabio” O’Brien Drogheda United 1
Gary O’Neill Drogheda United 1
Martin Murray Glentoran 1
Billy Joe Burns Linfield 1
David Armstrong Linfield 1
Aaron Burns Portadown 1
Kevin Braniff Portadown 1
Mark Quigley Shamrock Rovers 1
Ronan Finn Shamrock Rovers 1
Anthony Elding Sligo Rovers 1
Ryan Connolly Sligo Rovers 1
Evan McMillan Sligo Rovers 1
Raffaele Creatro Sligo Rovers 1
Liam Martin Sligo Rovers 1
David Cawley Sligo Rovers 1
own goal Cork City 1
own goal Shamrock Rovers 1

Exactly 200 players have featured in Setanta Sports Cup Finals.

FINAL PLAYERS 05 06 07 08 10 11 12
Aaron Greene (Bohs) 10
Admir Softic (Cork City) 06S
Aidan O’Kane (Linfield) 05 07
Aidan Watson (Crusaders) 12
Alan Bennett (Cork City) 06
Alan Cawley (Shels) 05B
Alan Mannus (Linfield/ShamRov) 05 07 11
Alan Moore (Shels) 05S
Alan O’Connor (Cork City) 08
Alex Williams (St Pats) 10S
Andrew Hunter (Linfield) 05B
Anto Murphy (Bohs) 10
Barry Molloy (Derry City) 12
Barry Murphy (Bohs) 10
Billy Dennehy (Shamrock Rovers) 11
Billy Woods (Cork City) 06S
Bobby Ryan (Shels) 05S
Brian McGroary (Derry City) 12B
Brian Shelley (Drogheda/Bohs) 06 07 10
Bryan McCarthy (Cork City) 06S
Chris Kerr (Dundalk) 11B
Chris Morrow (Crusaders) 12
Chris O’Connor (Bohs) 10B
Chris Turner (Shamrock Rovers) 11B
Ciaran Gargan (Crusaders) 12S
Ciaran Kilduff (Shamrock Rovers) 11B
Cillian Lordan (Cork City) 06B 08B
Colin Coates (Crusaders) 12
Colin Hawkins (Shels/Dundalk) 05 11
Colin Nixon (Glentoran) 08
Colin O’Brien (Cork City) 06
Conan Byrne (Drogheda) 07S
Conor Kenna (St Pats) 10
Conor McCormick (Shamrock Rovers) 11
Conor Powell (Bohs) 10
Conor Sinnott (St Pats) 10S
Damien Lynch (Drogheda) 06B 07
Dan Connor (Drogheda) 06 10B
Dan Murray (Cork City) 06 08 11
Daniel Kearns (Dundalk) 11
Danny Murphy (Cork City) 06 08
Darragh Ryan (Cork City) 08S
Darren Boyce (Glentoran) 08B
Darren Murphy (Cork City) 08
Darren Murphy (Linfield) 05
Daryl Fordyce (Glentoran) 08
Dave Mulcahy (St Pats) 10
Dave Rogers (Shels) 05
David Crawley (Shels) 05
David Gibson (Crusaders) 12B
David Larmour (Linfield) 05S
David Magowan (Crusaders) 12
David McDaid (Derry City) 12
David McMaster (Crusaders) 12B
David Rainey (Crusaders) 12
David Scullion (Glentoran) 08
Dean Bennett (Dundalk) 11S
Dean Delaney (Shels) 05B
Dean Fitzgerald (Glentoran) 08S
Declan Caddell (Crusaders) 12
Declan O’Brien (Drogheda) 06 07
Denis Behan (Cork City) 06 08
Derek Doyle (St Pats) 10S
Derek Pender (St Pats) 10
Derek Tyrell (Drogheda) 06B
Dermot McCaffrey (Derry City) 12
Eamon Zayed (Drogheda) 07
Eddie McCallion (Derry City) 12S
Elliot Morris (Glentoran) 08
Enda Stevens (Shamrock Rovers) 11
Eoin Forde (Cork City) 08S
Eugene Ferry (Derry City) 12B
Gareth Coughlan (St Pats) 10
Gareth McKeown (Crusaders) 12S
Gary Burke (Bohs) 10B
Gary Cambridge (Cork City) 08S
Gary Hamilton (Glentoran) 08
Gary McCabe (Shamrock Rovers) 11S
Gary O’Neill (Shamrock Rovers) 11
Gary Rogers (St Pats) 10
Gary Twigg (Shamrock Rovers) 11S
Gavin Whelan (Drogheda) 06B 07B
George O’Callaghan (Cork City) 06
Gerard Doherty (Derry City) 12
Glen Crowe (Shels) 05B
Glen Fitzpatrick (Shels/Drogheda) 05B 06 07B
Glenn Cronin (Bohs) 10
Glenn Ferguson (Linfield) 05 07
Graham Gartland (Drogheda) 06 07
Grant Gardiner (Glentoran) 08B
Greg Bolger (Dundalk) 11
Gregg Shannon (Linfield) 05B 07B
Ian Bermingham (St Pats) 10
James Keddy (Drogheda) 06
James Taylor (Glentoran) 08B
Jamie McGovern (Glentoran) 08S
Jamie Mulgrew (Linfield) 07
Jason Byrne (Shels/Bohs/Dundalk) 05 10 11
Jason Gavin (Drogheda) 06
Jason McGuinness (Bohs) 10
Jim Crawford (Shels) 05
Jim Ervin (Linfield) 07
Joe Gamble (Cork City) 06 08
Johnny Black (Glentoran) 08B
Johnny Breen (Dundalk) 11S
Johnny Taylor (Glentoran) 08
Johnny Waterworth (Glentoran) 08S
Joseph Ndo (Shels) 05S
Karl Sheppard (Shamrock Rovers) 11
Keith Fahey (Drogheda) 06S
Keith Ward (Dundalk) 11S
Ken Oman (Shamrock Rovers) 11
Killian Brennan (Bohs) 10
Kyle Neill (Glentoran) 08
Lawrie Dudfield (Cork City) 08
Liam Kearney (Cork City) 08
Mark Dickson (Linfield) 07
Mark Griffin (Dundalk) 11B
Mark Leech (Drogheda) 06S
Mark McNulty (Cork City) 06B 08
Mark Picking (Linfield) 05B
Mark Quigley (Bohs) 10S 11
Mark Rossiter (Bohs) 10B
Matthew Crossan (Derry City) 12B
Matthew Snoddy (Crusaders) 12S
Michael Barr (Derry City) 12B
Michael Devine (Cork City) 06 08B
Michael Gault (Linfield) 05 07S
Michael Halliday (Glentoran) 08 12B
Michael Hector (Dundalk) 11
Mikko Vilmunen (Drogheda) 07
Nathan Murphy (Dundalk) 11
Neal Horgan (Cork City) 06 08
Neale Fenn (Cork City) 06
Neil Harney (St Pats) 10B
Noel Bailie (Linfield) 05 07
Noel Haverty (St Pats) 10B
Ollie Cahill (Shels/Drogheda) 05 07
Owen Heary (Bohs) 10
Owen Morrison (Derry City) 12S
Paddy Kavanagh (Shamrock Rovers) 11B
Paddy Madden (Bohs) 10S
Pat Flynn (Shamrock Rovers) 11B
Pat Sullivan (Cork City/ShamRov) 08 11
Patrick McEleney (Derry City) 12
Patrick McShane (Linfield) 05B 07
Paul Byrne (St Pats) 10
Paul Keegan (Drogheda/Bohs) 06 07S 10
Paul Leeman (Crusaders) 12
Paul McAreavey (Linfield) 05 07
Paul Murphy (Dundalk) 11B
Peter Cherrie (Dundalk) 11
Peter Thompson (Linfield) 05 07
Philip Simpson (Glentoran) 08
Raffaele Cretaro (Bohs) 10S
Raymond Lally (Cork City) 06B
Richie Baker (Shels) 05
Robert Garrett (Linfield) 07B
Ronan Finn (Shamrock Rovers) 11
Rory Patterson (Derry City) 12
Ross Gaynor (Dundalk) 11
Roy O’Donovan (Cork City) 06
Ruaidhri Higgins (Derry City) 12
Ryan Curran (Derry City) 12B
Ryan Guy (St Pats) 10
Ryan McBride (Derry City) 12
Ryan McCann (Linfield/Crusaders) 05S 07S 12B
Ryan Thompson (Shamrock Rovers) 11B
Sami Ristila (Drogheda) 06B 07B
Sean Kelly (Cork City) 08S
Sean O’Neill (Crusaders) 12
Sean Ward (Glentoran) 08
Shane Guthrie (Cork/Pats/Dundalk) 06B 10 11B
Shane McCabe (Glentoran) 08
Shane McEleney (Derry City) 12
Shane Robinson (Drogheda) 06 07
Shane Treacy (Drogheda) 06B
Simon Madden (Dundalk) 11 12
Simon Webb (Drogheda) 06 07
Stephen Bradley (Drogheda) 06 07
Stephen Brennan (Shels) 05
Stephen McBride (Crusaders) 12
Stephen McDonnell (Dundalk) 11
Stephen McLaughlin (Derry City) 12
Stephen Rice (Shamrock Rovers) 11
Stephen Traynor (Bohs) 10B
Steve Williams (Shels) 05
Steven Douglas (Linfield) 05 07B
Steven Gray (Drogheda) 07S
Stuart Byrne (Shels/Drog/Pats) 05 07 10
Stuart Dallas (Crusaders) 12
Stuart King (Linfield) 05B
Thomas Stewart (Linfield) 07B
Tim Mouncey (Linfield) 05 07S
Timmy Adamson (Crusaders) 12
Timmy Kiely (Cork City) 08S
Tony Grant (Drogheda) 07S
Vinny Faherty (St Pats) 10
Wes Hoolahan (Shels) 05
William Murphy (Linfield) 05 07

Players injured or not picked for final not included

05 = player started final

05S = player came on as sub

05B = player was a named substitute, but did not come on

19/04/2005 Philip Simpson (Glentoran) for Linfield
27/02/2006 Jason Gavin (Drogheda U) for Cork City
07/04/2008 Stephen Brennan (St Pats) for Derry City
14/04/2008 Adam McMinn (Dungannon) for Drogheda
04/03/2013 David Magowan (Crusaders) for Cork City
16/04/2013 Danny Murphy (Cork City) for Shamrock Rovers
Roy O’Donovan Cork City v Portadown, 7-0A, 2007
Mark Farren Derry City v Linfield, 3-0H, 2008
Daniel Kearns Dundalk v Linfield, 5-3A, 2011
Rory Patterson Derry City v Lisburn Distillery, 4-0A, 2012

– Will Downing

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